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Bentley Continental GT W12 Centenary

Bentley Continental GT W12 Centenary

The magnificent Bentley GT W12 Centenary in a a very rare classic Bentley bespoke colour combination. The Centenary Specification, which was available only on Bentley cars made in 2019, ensured that the first hundred years of Bentley’s glorious history is remembered long into the future.

This carefully curated collection of design touches is seen on both the exterior and interior of the cars, ensuring that a century of history is reflected in every car, On the outside, the badges on the bonnet, boot and wheel centres feature a specially created metallic finish around the ‘B’ in the logo: Centenary Gold.

The bonnet and boot badges display the years 1919 and 2019. On opening the door, a welcome lamp illuminates the ground with a Centenary message, while new tread plates highlight the two key years. Inside, the Bentley wings and the Bentley B on both the steering wheel and the gear shifter are subtly adorned with Centenary Gold, as is the Bentley B on the all-important key.

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