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AC Cobra
AC Cobra

AC Cobra

A very well put together Southern Road craft 427 AC cobra (5.7 chevy). This has to be one of the best put together AC cobras we have come across. Southern roadcraft engineered their cobras to be as much like the 427 Shelby as possible. Regarded by many as the best AC, this vehicle vehicle is registered in 1972 so also qualifies for UlEZ exemption, MOT and Tax exemption due to its age. 

  1. Manufacturer: The AC DAX Cobra is a British sports car that is based on the design of the original Shelby Cobra, which was an American sports car. The DAX company is known for producing high-quality replicas of the Cobra.

  2. Year: The 1972 AC DAX Cobra would likely be a replica or continuation model, as the original Shelby Cobra production had ended by the mid-1960s.

  3. Engine: The Cobra is famous for its powerful V8 engine. In the 1972 AC DAX Cobra, you might find a variety of V8 engine options, depending on how it was customized. Common choices include Ford’s small-block V8 engines, such as the 289 or 302 cubic inch (4.7L or 5.0L) engines, or larger displacement engines for higher performance.

  4. Performance: The Cobra is known for its outstanding performance, thanks to its lightweight design and powerful engine. It offers exhilarating acceleration and excellent handling, making it a favorite among enthusiasts.

  5. Appearance: The AC DAX Cobra closely resembles the original Shelby Cobra in terms of its design, with a sleek and curvy body, low stance, and distinctive dual racing stripes running down the center of the car.

  6. Collector’s Item: AC DAX Cobras, especially the ones built to replicate the original Shelby Cobras, are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. Authenticity, condition, and provenance play a significant role in determining their value.

We love our AC and know them well, this one has been built to look and drive like a Shelby 427 fast and tight. The car throughout is in amazing condition and has been garaged and looked after by a retired gentleman for many years.