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Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet: Compact Powerhouse

Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet: Compact Powerhouse

The 2011 Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet is a small car with a big attitude. Combining classic Italian design with modern performance, this convertible is perfect for those seeking a spirited drive in a compact package. In this post, we’ll dive into the details of this dynamic vehicle, covering everything from its performance specs to its standout features.

Performance and Engine Specifications

At the heart of the Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet lies a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine, delivering an impressive 140 horsepower. This engine configuration provides a thrilling driving experience, with rapid acceleration and responsive handling. The car’s lightweight frame further enhances its agility, making it a joy to navigate through city streets and winding roads alike.

  • Engine: 1.4-liter T-Jet
  • Horsepower: 140 HP
  • Torque: 206 Nm (152 lb-ft)
  • 0-60 mph: 8.1 seconds
  • Top Speed: 127 mph
  • Registration:  2011 (11 reg)
  • Service History: Full
  • Gearbox: Automatic
  • Fuel Type: Petrol

The 500C 1.4 T-Jet’s performance is complemented by a five-speed manual transmission, providing drivers with precise control over gear changes. The car also features a sport mode, which sharpens throttle response and steering feedback, ensuring an engaging drive.

Design and Features

The Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet 2011 stands out with its retro-inspired design, characterized by smooth curves and a distinctive front grille. The convertible soft top adds to the car’s charm, allowing drivers to enjoy open-air driving at the push of a button. This model also offers a range of bold color options, ensuring there’s a 500C to match every personality.

Inside, the cabin is designed with both comfort and style in mind. The supportive sport seats are upholstered in high-quality materials, and the ergonomically arranged controls ensure an intuitive driving experience.

Driving Experience

The Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet is renowned for its exhilarating driving experience. The turbocharged engine provides ample power, while the compact dimensions and nimble handling make it perfect for urban environments. The convertible top enhances the driving experience, allowing drivers to enjoy the open road and fresh air.

Whether you’re cruising through the city or taking a spirited drive on a country road, the 500C 1.4 T-Jet delivers a fun and engaging ride. The sport-tuned suspension and precise steering ensure that the car remains composed, even during spirited driving.


The 2011 Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet is a standout choice for those seeking a compact car with a spirited performance. Its blend of Italian style, turbocharged power, and convertible fun makes it a unique and appealing option. Whether you’re drawn to its retro-inspired design or its exhilarating driving dynamics, the Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For more information or to schedule a test drive, contact us today. Discover the thrill of driving the Abarth 500C 1.4 T-Jet – the compact powerhouse that redefines fun on four wheels.