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Lotus Exige 1.8 Cup

Lotus Exige 1.8 Cup

Lotus Exige
2010 (10 reg) 1.8 Cup
The king of the Exige the sought after 260 Cup huge performance wrapped up in a super light chassis making this a very unique car.
This epic Exige is one of only 40 ever made.

The first-generation Exige (a.k.a. the Series 1) was launched in 2000. Mounted in the middle was a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, which produced upwards of 190 horsepower in the top-sec track edition.

4 years later the second generation (or Series 2) was introduced. The differences this time around being the upgraded aerodynamics, including a new front splitter, engine cover, fibreglass roof and spoiler.

In 2009, at the 79th Geneva International Motor Show, Lotus unwrapped the upgraded 2010 Model Year.