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Owning and Driving Bentley

Owning and Driving Bentley

It floats along the road as you sit behind the wheel, cocooned in the ultimate luxury of the deep all leather driving seat.

The quality of the workmanship is literally mind-blowing with everything oozing total quality, just as you would expect in the name Bentley.
There is luxury motoring and then there is a Bentley motoring, with a classic Continental GT convertible given envious looks wherever it is driven.

It’s a strange feeling when a passer-by gives the thumbs up sign to you as you sit at the traffic light and shouts “Best car ever made in the world” or you are questioned in a car park by a complete stranger about what you think of the car that you are sitting in.

You almost get used to it, happy to praise what can only be described as the ultimate delight of such luxury motoring.
Do not be deceived though that this car is just something to look at and be admired, for there is immense power when needed from the 12-cyclinder engine with twin turbos.

Put your foot down on the accelerator and you are pushed back into your seat as it is seemingly about to take off like a jet plane.

Just want to commute with other traffic then poodle along using only one turbo with half the engine and silence reigns all around. 

That same seat can also gently massage your back as you sit in a traffic jam with just a whisper heard from the engine.

Not surprisingly these hand finished cars come off the production line at prices far beyond
the reach of the vast majority of motorists, but what about a used Bentley that has been
carefully looked after and serviced whenever needed.

Prices become staggeringly affordable when they are traded in by owners for the latest showroom model, just like my 2008 Bentley Continental GT convertible that cost over £150,000 when new but cost £36,000 with one owner and 50,000 miles on the clock.

Made in the UK mostly from parts manufactured in Germany with VW technology and engineering, they are hand assembled and painted on home territory to produce the quality expected of such a world renowned luxury car manufacturer.

Find the right one, coupe, convertible or limousine and you not only drive with a smile on your face, but can get the motoring bargain of a lifetime.