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VW Transporter Camper

VW Transporter Camper

Volkswagen Transporter Camper van Nardo Grey

Travelling abroad this summer isn’t looking that likely – let’s be honest!
We are all going to be staying closer to home for our summer holidays this year but this does not have to be a bad thing, there are so incredible places to explore around the UK and this is the van to do it in.

VW Transporter Camper in this Nardo Grey, which has recently been transformed into a camping vehicle and has had a fresh respray.
This transporter has recently had a major service including the all-important cam belt. 

The perfect vehicle for your summer camping adventures!

VW Campervan Rock and Roll bed

The interior has been transformed into the ultimate camping vehicle, full kitchen set up, including a stove, and sink. 

There is a rock and roll bed, solar power, charging unit, speaker system, everything you need to stay comfortable and enjoy a wonderful, summer, camping adventure with family and friends!

VW Camper Van Interior - Ultimate camping vehicle.

SMEV cooker and sink unit with 2 gas rings so if the weather isn’t good enough for a bbq then you have the perfect alternative.

Solar panel connection wired to the leisure battery – 240 V hook up powering built-in leisure battery charger and 2 double UK/Euro sockets, built-in USB’s, 2 in the front and 3 in the rear – as a result you will never be short of phone charging sockets! 

Excellent bodywork, Tyre condition is excellent as well, in-car entertainment (CD player), tinted glass windows and a full set of thermal blinds to make sure you have privacy as well as staying nice and toasty.

‘The interior has been transformed into the ultimate camping vehicle’

Volkswagen Camper interior features

240V Hook-up Socket
Located under the bonnet at the rear of the engine bay. Powers 2 double UK/Euro/USB plugs.

Switch panel in the rear
Switch 1 turns on the battery charger for a leisure battery but only works when connected to 240V, switch 2 turns on the solar controller unit.
Switches 3, 4 & 5, rear interior lights. All switches have fuses behind the panel.

Volkswagen Transporter Camper Solar Charge Controller System

Plug for Solar Panel
Located above near side rear door.
ALWAYS switch on the controller unit before connecting the solar panel you also need to disconnect solar panels before turning off the controller unit.
You can use the USB sockets on the solar controller without the solar panel connected the reason being it is connected to the leisure battery.

240V Fuse Box
Located under drivers seat.

Leisure Battery
Located under drivers seat.

Split Charge Relay
Located under drivers seat.

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